Our company was founded in 1979 in Amaliada and since then has been active in the prefecture of Eleia as well as the area of  Western Greece offering complete civil engineering services both to the public and private sector.

We undertake the planning of new buildings, renovation projects of historical heritage and  traditional buildings as well as seismic vulnerability evaluation of existing buildings.

With the use of our state-of-the-art equipment, we utilize  surveying, transport and environmental projects for the private and public sector and undertake the issue of all the necessary studies and paperwork  leading to the certification of new sites and companies.

Through our highly trained staff and modern equipment, our construction company performs anti seismic strengthening and energy efficiency projects on existing buildings, renovations and the construction of strong anti-seismic bioclimatic structures.

Our experienced associate realtors offer comprehensive recommendations and  solutions for real estate (leasing, buying and selling of property)

Our engineers carry out and overlook the required legal and technical procedures that lead to the legal contract.

We are at your disposal for any query or technical problem that concerns you.



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Αντισεισμικές ενισχύσεις - Τεχνικό Γραφείο Ρούμπα

Address: Themistokleous 17 & Sisini, 27200 Amaliada, Elis, Greece

Phone: +30 26220 22824
Fax: +30 26220 24275

Mobile: +30 697684 0211
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